a successful rainy day

Yesterday was Dan’s second race in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  The first time it was chilly and wet.  Three years later, it was chilly and wet.  Last time I was snapping pictures of Dan with my little point and shoot.  This time I was able to secure a media pass and was using my new professional-level camera! Somethings never change and somethings do!


I can definitely see the difference.  The Kelowna Apple Triathlon was a really great event.


Even better, Dan had a great race!


His swim was strong, he was in a good position on the bike.  Don’t adjust your monitors, Dan really is spotted.  The road spray combined with his pale skin made him look like a leopard!kelownaITU-161

The rain kept coming and boy did it make it a little bit miserable!  I’m glad I have a waterproof camera bag!  Now I need a waterproof camera cover.kelownaITU-201

In the end, Dan came in 16th and is now ranked 27th in the country!kelownaITU-283

The downside to the day was that we had to drive from Kelowna to Spokane right after the race!  Definitely a long long day, we are happy to be home!