New Burger

Last Friday my coworkers and I went out to lunch with our new coworker.  She decided to take us to a new (to us at least) restaurant on the 16th St. Mall. 
2010-07-29 11.53.54
Obviously the restaurant specialized in hamburgers but I was feeling like it was too hot for hamburgers and opted for the grilled cheese (again-I can’t get enough grilled cheese sometimes!  2010-07-29 11.58.59 This one also featured pesto and tomatoes.
2010-07-29 12.19.23
Yum!  It came with fries which I shared with some of my coworkers.
2010-07-29 12.19.39
One of my coworkers ordered the nutella and marshmallow shake.  It was impressive looking!
Everyone was saying how delicious their burgers were and the one person that ordered a salad said it was fantastic.

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