My little secret

It never ceases to surprise me how different food can be between the US and Canada.  For some reason it seems more logical that food found in Mexico is different, but I guess since Canada speaks English (for the most part) I’m always surprised by how different and sometimes how European it is. 

When we were in Canada in June one of my friends Jordan and Amy told me that I needed to try some of Canada’s finer foods.  Of course this is the friend that introduced me to poutine :)  I was excited to try out these new treats!  Of course when am I not excited about treats?  The first thing that I bought were Ketchup chips.
These chips were just like Ketchup, a little salty and a little sweet.  This brand was really vinegar-y but tasty.  I also tried Dill Pickle Chips.
These were my favorites!  I love dill, these definitely reminded me of Sweden (they had dill chips there too).  Dan thought they both smelled gross.  On the candy front, I tried Coffee Crisp.  This was ok, didn’t taste like coffee at all.
I tried Kinder Eggs in Sweden, and I saw that Kinder made other candies so I had to try these.
It was wafers covered in chocolate and filled with hazelnut cream.  Very light and hazelnutty.  Jordan also told us to try Aero Bars so I got a mint aero bar.
Dan really enjoyed these but didn’t feel any bubbles!  Finally, I tried some Swedish gummies (because they said Swedish in the title).
These tasted like a treat I used to have in sweden!

I know this is a weightloss blog and so I shouldn’t be showing you all of the snacks I ate last weekend.  But here’s a confession, if I could, I would skip meals and eat snacks.  I know! So bad!

On a much healthier note, Dan has made a few meals this week and man, I miss some good ole fashion home cooking.  Some restaurants are just so disappointing.

What is your food confession?