a million dollar view

My friend Annissa has been telling me about this restaurant, The Fort, for awhile now. 
When my dad said he wanted to have game meat I knew we had to check this place out. thefort-014 I kept hearing how amazing the terrace was and it didn’t disappoint.
I was super thirsty and decided to get one of their non alcoholic drinks that was bitters and seltzer.  It was so good and refreshing!
We each got an appetizer.  My dad went for the pork empanadas.
I got the cheese toasts.  Tasty but a little salty.
Dan went for the Rocky Mountain Oysters.  Do you know what they are?  If not just click on the name.
Dinner came with pumpkin muffins and sourdough rolls.
And a salad.
If you wanted to know, the rocky mountain oysters just tasted like fried, no real flavoring.  I was having trouble figuring out what to order, the waitress recommended the
Sam Arnold's Prime Rib of Buffalo 12 oz. cut of slow roasted buffalo with a New Mexican chile rub.  Served with roasted garlic white cheddar mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  I should not have ordered something so big!  It was as big as my head!  I got through probably a quarter of it.  WAY too much food.
Dan ordered the The Fort's Game Plate Our most popular dish! An Elk Chop, Buffalo Filet Medallion, and a grilled teriyaki Quail. Served with Fort potatoes and seasonal vegetable.  I tasted the Elk and it was amazing!
Dad ordered the Uncle Dick's Buffalo New York Strip Our 14-ounce Kansas City style sirloin strip, grilled to perfection with the bone-in for full flavor.  Served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.  He finished every bite and really enjoyed it!
After dinner Dad suggested that we have dessert on the terrace.  While we waited for dessert to come we decided to take some pictures.
It was beautiful.
Definitely a million dollar view.
For dessert Dad ordered the Sam's Famous Cheesecake Sam Arnold's prized recipe. A light creamy cheesecake with graham cracker crust.  He loved every bite of it.
Dan ordered Vera's Caramel Brownie No chocolate in this one! A warm chewy caramel brownie with walnuts and canola seed. Served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  I stole a bite, so good!
I went for the Cast Iron Fresh Fruit Cobbler Seasonal fruit served warm, topped with an oatmeal streusel and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Drizzled with our homemade caramel sauce.  It was mostly cherries and the mixture of sweet and sour was a perfect end to the meal.
The meal was probably a million calories but it was really fantastic!  I highly recommend checking this place out when you are in Colorado!