home tour part 2

I love that my new apartment is so big that it merits a multi-part tour!  Next stop, the spare bedroom and bathroom.  The spare bedroom is super crowded.  It is my treadmill room and Dan’s bike room.
new abode-001
It is also the photography room
new abode-003
Yeah, not the prettiest room, but I love that it is all out of the way!  Now I need to get something to remove the sweat smell!  The spare bathroom has a standup shower and a toilet.  Not that interesting, but TOTALLY awesome.  I mean TWO BATHROOMS!  We’ve hit the big time!  The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom (yay!) but really nothing is better than this
new abode
That is the view from our bed.  Those are mountains.  We can see them from our bed!  YAY!  We have another window and can see downtown from there. If you look close enough you’ll see the capitol building.
new abode-4
I love our room.  I’m not super happy with how I’ve hung our pictures.
new abode-6
I’ll probably change them soon.
new abode-7
I hate hanging pictures above the bed (I’m paranoid that they’ll fall on us)  So the bed area is boring.
new abode-009
We own too many books(there are a ton more that I’ve left unpictured because well, books are books…)
new abode-010
But the piece de resistance of our apartment is our balcony.  I love our balcony, even if the Direct TV man judged me because of thisnew abode-021
I also inherited that chair from my grandmother.  It is super ugly but super comfortable.  It is perfect about checking out our abode-023

new abode-020 new abode-024
new abode-026
 new abode-028
Oh and our balcony came with a little present for my niece, she’ll be able to scoot around on it when they come this winter!
new abode-025
Do you hang pictures above your bed?  Have any fallen on your head when you’ve slept or am I just completely and unreasonably paranoid?