food challenge

This past weekend my friend Megs came to visit!  The challenge comes in the fact that in the past year she has been diagnosed with a number of food allergies.  Her allergies include; Milk, cheese, gluten, flax, bananas, melon, coconut, caffeine and sugar alcohols.  Yeah, poor Megs!  I’m grateful that Denver has a lot of alternative food places to try out.

We started with one of the more obvious choices, City O’ City.  This is one of the most popular vegetarian and allergy friendly restaurants in Denver.  I’ve been once or twice before but have never been super impressed and now I know why.  I was ordering like a wimp.  Since I’m not always one to learn from my mistakes, I ordered like a wimp again.

I saw a Margarita pizza on the menu and went for it.  It was ok.  It wasn’t amazing.  Maybe I just like more garlic and basil than most….IMG_20100827_184456
But, what was amazing was Megs’ pizza.  She ordered a gluten free crust with red sauce, mushrooms, pineapple and cashew ricotta.  You read that right, cashew ricotta.
Her crust was better than mine(nuttier) and her cheese had more flavor than mine.  The cashew ricotta was nutty and deep and so satisfying.  She said that it was even better the next day! 

Does anyone have a recipe for cashew ricotta?  I need to have this again!  Oh, and also, this is for Jordan and AmyIMG_20100827_181745
City O’ City serves poutine!  Who knew!

Have you tried alternative cheeses?  Do you have any good recipes to share?

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