Developing my passion

I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember.  In the past I’ve mostly taken pictures of clouds, flowers and friends. 


When Dan and I started dating I brought my camera to his races and snapped some pictures of him.  At that time I was taking classes at the Smithsonian in Black and White film photography (remember film?! This seems like a long time ago, but it wasn’t even 5 years).  Of course my silly husband wasn’t loving the black and white images.  A lot has changed since then.


I started taking pictures of food last year for the blog, I kept reading that documenting food was a great way to track what you eat, be more mindful and lose weight.  I realized that I liked taking pictures of food and I upgraded cameras.  Taking pictures with the new camera was so much fun I started taking more race pictures and I started loving it.


So, when I got the opportunity to photograph the Leadville 100 I was thrilled.  It was a big race, with a big name there.  The day was really fun, and not to sound too much like a total geek, I loved being in the press room and part of the photographers.

2010-08-14 12.38.04

Especially when Levi Leipheimer came through the finish line.


(these pictures were taken on my droid)

I still love I’m realizing that I love photography, I love making art with my pictures and frankly, it is a ton of fun! 


I got a media pass for the race we are going to this weekend, I’m excited to get more practice!


What passion has your blog developed for you? writing? photography? an etsy business?