the challenge continues

So, I was really worried about finding enough good places for three meals on Meg's second day of the visit.  Thankfully, I only ended up having two meals and a dessert to finish! 

For breakfast we walked to a local vegetarian restaurant, Watercourse.  We both ordered two eggs and both of our meals were amazingly delicious.  I started with a coffee and megs started with a tea.016
Megs got a side of fruit.  It all looked so fresh!
I had my eggs over medium with sweet potato hash browns and a biscuit.
Watercourses biscuit is so amazingly delicious.  I want to eat it every day.  Megs got two eggs basted, sweet potatoes hash browns and corn tortillas.
I’ve never seen basted eggs before but these looked so perfect!  A food blogger in action!
We were so full for lunch that we each had one piece of pizza from the night before and went to Sweet Action.  Man, I love sweet action.  Megs was so excited that Sweet Action had a delicious vegan option and gluten free cones.  She kept saying that she had never had such tasty vegan ice cream.  And I have to admit, she was right!
it was so good that I had vegan colorado peach too!  YUM!  They use coconut cream and man do I love coconut cream in ice cream!

Watercourse was the last vegan/vegetarian specific restaurant that I had in my back pocket.  I was excited that Sweet Action fit the bill but I was nervous about dinner.  Stay tuned to see how it went!

What is your favorite alternative food restaurant?

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