Canada eh!

Hello from Canada!  We have had a super busy trip so far and I’m now editing the pictures I’ve taken so far.  Of course I took my food pictures on my phone last night but I’m in airplane mode to not rack up a bunch of costs.


This morning I headed to downtown Kelowna by myself to pick up my press pack and pass.  I wanted to add in some extra exercise so I parked at the first spot I could find and started walking to the race site.  The street was pretty empty except for a guy walking in front of me.  He started slowing down and then on a deserted corner he turned around and started to try to shake me down for money(not a homeless guy.  When I said I had no cash (which usually works) he pointed to the bank across the street and asked that I get some out for him.  I said I didn’t have a bank card with me and wished him luck.


Once again I’m reminded that I need to listen to my gut.  I should have crossed the street when I noticed that he started slowing down.  Nothing bad actually happened, I was just disturbed a little that someone would be that brash.  I really hope that he didn’t take advantage of anyone else, I wasn’t sure if I should say something to someone, but I didn’t see anyone to report it to.


What do you do in situations like that? It’s my personal philosophy to not reward someone that puts me in an awkward situation.