Cactus Club

Dan and I had been to Kelowna before, and there was a place that we saw that intrigued me.  It is called the Cactus Club Cafe.  Since we didn’t go last time, we decided to check it out this time.cactusclubcafe-270

As I was taking pictures of this (i really liked the coaster!) an older gentleman that was passing our table stopped and stared.  When I finished, he remarked, “wow! I’ve never seen anyone taking so many pictures of their beer before!”  So, does that mean there are no food bloggers in Kelowna? 


I was craving something  salty, and so I got the chicken fingers and fries.  I did share with Dan.cactusclubcafe-275

These were so succulent and delicious!  I did not expect them to be so good.  Of course, they aren’t as good as the chicken “fingers” Dan made later this week!


Do you ever order children’s meals and love them?