a breakfast in the woods

Well, not really the woods, but it felt like it!  Awhile ago one of my coworkers suggested that we should check out Beatrice and Woodsley.


We thought that brunch would be a perfect time to check it out.  The decor was pretty awesome.  It was like we were in a rustic cabin in the woods.  Each booth was separated by some white curtains and the bathroom was a hole in the wall with the most creative sink I’ve ever seen. 


I heard that the eggs benedict was really good and so I checked out the Eggs Johnny Fever. beatriceandwoodsley-005 Basically eggs benedict with mustard hollandaise sauce and roasted cauliflower.


The bread wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. I ate about half of that.


The cauliflower wasn’t as roasted as I like it to be.


But it was good.  The eggs were cooked perfectly.


One of the nicest touches was that the water came with orange peel.  And the coffee came in a French press.


Dad and Dan really liked their meals too, but I forgot to photograph them.  I definitely want that water pitcher.  I love it!