Beware of changes

Hey everyone.  Dan here.  Beth asked me to write a guest post to explain why has been down all weekend.  Basically, it has to do with the system being a giant pain in the ass.

Our long Fatbuster nightmare began about two weeks ago, when Google tried to automatically renew the domain.  Beth purchased this domain through blogger about a year ago and was managing it through Google Apps.  Unfortunately, the credit card she had on file with Google had expired, and so when Google tried to charge it, it failed.  They sent a note to Beth telling her she needed to change the credit card.  Unfortunately, it contained broken links and Beth wasn't able to update the information.  This started a cycle of FAIL.  

After several different attempts to remedy the situation without success,
we finally gave up and decided to transfer the domain name to GoDaddy, where we could talk to an actual human being.  The day that the domain name was set to expire, I managed to get it successfully transferred to GoDaddy and renewed.  There was much rejoicing!  Sadly, this rejoicing was short-lived, for I discovered that once the domain name was transferred to a new registrar, there was no way for computers to find it anymore.  Instead, when you try to go to, you see a 404 error message.  After much research (which, ironically, was conducted via Google), I determined that I had to change some A names and some C names and some DNS setttings to get the thing to work.  Since my web savvy is limited mostly to typing in web addresses and looking at the words and pictures that come up on the screen, I am not sure whether I did this correctly or not.  Unfortunately, I must wait 24 to 48 hours for the changes to propagate to determine whether I did.  In the meantime, the website is still down, but the old URL,, is up and running.

So, in conclusion, Google sucks, computers are complicated, and it’s a lot easier to look at websites than it is to publish one.  I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson, and hopefully we’ll get this sorted out in the next day or two.