varsity memories

One of the benefits of flying through Boston to go to Quebec was that I could finally take Dan to my alma mater, Gordon College.  My campus is on the North Shore of Boston between Salem and Gloucester and I haven’t been back in like 8 years.  It had changed so much!

The dorm that my roommates Melissa and Jessie lived in was torn down and replaced by a huge and really pretty new building (small picture, sorry!)2010-06-27 13.08.47
The dorm my roommate Rachel lived in Freshman year was also torn down and replaced by a nice science building.  We only had two teeny out of date buildings, so this new building was sooo necessary.
2010-06-27 13.08.56
Dan decided to pose in front of our library/academic building
2010-06-27 13.09.11
From Gordon I took him to Bertucci’s the exact one I used to go to all the time with the swim team and family when they came to town.  Lunch started with the best rolls ever.  Love these things!
I had to order the Margarita Pizza, this is the quintessential margarita pizza for me.  So yummy :)
After lunch I took Dan by the cottage four of us lived in after Senior year of college.  I can’t believe we paid $1200/month for this!
Four of us lived there, the two “rooms” were divided by a curtain on the top floor, I lived to the right of the window.  Our “living room was behind the window to the back left of the house and our kitchen was behind an identical window to the back right. 

This house had absolutely No insulation and in June that year it was so totally cold that we once had to go to Jessie’s then boyfriend Kit’s apartment to warm up.  It may have been summer but he turned the heat all the way up and got blankets and hot chocolate ready.  Good times :)

Wow, this post is super long so I will finish our trip to Boston later :) 

Have you gone back to your college campus?  Has it changed a lot or just as you remembered?

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