Trials of Sports Photography

So, it’s no secret that I’ve been working on my photography skills lately and the race last week was good practice.  See, it was cloudy.  VERY cloudy (and rainy)  So, as I’ve gone through my photos I’ve noticed that most of them are too dark and grainy and out of focus.  YIKES!


Good thing I now have a flash and I’m taking a sports photography class.  Of course I need to figure out how to use the flash without blinding the riders.  Any suggestions?


I did get a few good pics and so I’ll share them with you all today.  Because of the race course I was able to see a lot of the swim.  This was super awesome.  Of course when Dan saw these pictures he wasn’t pleased with the detail he was mad that I didn’t get a wider angle so he could see where he was in relation to the other swimmers! 

Dan CDL-352

The bike was the hardest part to photograph.  I tried to start getting pictures too far away and so I had to toss most.  But some of the closer up ones were ok.  Not great, but OK.  Dan does have some of the worst facial expressions on the bike.  But I guess in the long run it’s better he be focused on the road than on the photographer :)

Dan CDL-437

The run was pretty good, of course they are all going so much slower…

Dan CDL-797

My assignment for this weeks class was to take pictures of a lone runner.  Tonight I will get some of Dan, the biggest difficulty is that we need for him to wear “contemporary” clothes.  Um, Dan hasn’t bought a stitch of clothing in his life!  So I’m off to hunt through his closet to find something acceptable!