Last Saturday I was wandering around and happened into a liquor store that some of my coworkers have been talking about.  I was on the hunt to find Bell’s Oberon and thought this would be my best chance.  Unfortunately, I failed.  But I was really surprised by the decor inside the store.  It is definitely kitschy.  And maybe just a little bit freaky!

2010-07-03 17.59.56

There were mannequins like these all over the store, I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye and thinking they were real.


But it did have great prices.  Most of the wine and beer were really good looking except for this one.

2010-07-03 18.14.49

You read that right.  Chocolate and Red Wine in a drink. together.  Totally weird!


I did not buy this wine, I was a wee bit too suspicious :)


Happy Saturday!