The two things that really made my college career are the beach (specifically Singing Beach) and ice cream.


We would go to the beach to study, walk, relax pretty much any reason.  Unfortunately in the summer the beach is pretty inaccessible since it costs so much ($25 to park and $5/person to walk onto the beach).


So, Dan and I walked to the beach and didn’t walk on since it wouldn’t be worth it.

2010-06-27 15.01.08

Dan got a kick out of the fact that on our way to the beach someone stopped us and asked “is there a STAWBUCKS nea-ya hea-ya”  Total Boston accent :) 


After the beach we drove to Richardsons.  This place is awesome because the cows are in the back and there is a driving range and a mini-golf adjacent to the property.  When we got there I forgot all about the sizes in MA ice cream shops and ordered a small.  Dan was planning to order a large.  And then I got this.


Oops.  Dan got a small.  We took our ice cream and walked back to the cow nursery.  Poor things were really hot.


We also saw some ducks and

2010-06-27 16.05.24

and some mamma cows.


I miss this place:)  Such great memories coming here after swim practice.  So fun!


What traditions did you have during college?