the shower made me do it

Would you believe me if I said that my shower made me late to work?  For real, it did!  Dan and I haven’t been able to figure out how to make the water get to the perfect temperature.  First it takes forever to warm up and then it goes to scalding and skips right over comfortable.  The second I move the cold handle it goes to freezing.  UGH.  Showers are taking 20 minutes longer than they should.

Instead of eating my packed lunch, one of my friends suggested that we head down to Civic Center Park hosts an outdoor cafe of gourmet mobile food vendors.
2010-07-27 12.13.03
It was crowded but not packed, the almost 100 degrees might have helped clear out the crowds.  I was surprised by all of the different restaurants that had food trucks.  Notable trucks were that for Deluxe and Steubens.
2010-07-27 12.19.06
We decided to eat at Walt’s.2010-07-27 12.14.24  I’ve never head of this place before, but they advertised a Caprese Panini. 2010-07-27 12.24.51
The food didn’t take too long and was sooo tasty.  It was the perfect size. And it came with a pickle (wrapped on top) of the sandwich.
  2010-07-27 12.14.01
After we finished our sandwiches (in the shade…it was too hot in the sun!)  We stopped by the Denver Cupcake Truck.  The truck was so cute and retro.
2010-07-27 12.25.51
The flavors were pretty attractive too!
2010-07-27 12.13.48
We settled on splitting the Zippy Lemon,  it seemed really refreshing in the heat.
 2010-07-27 12.55.42
It was a perfect size to split in half.  Yum!  Hopefully next time I check it out it won’t be quite so hot!

Have you tried a food truck?  What is the craziest thing you’ve eaten out of a food truck?