Salt and Boulder

My mom arrived in town the night before we were scheduled to move.  We went to lala’s Wednesday night and Thursday morning we went down to get the elevator key when we found out that it was broken!  Dan started moving boxes down the stairs to lessen the load for the movers in case the elevator did not come back on.  Thankfully, the elevator came back on the minute the movers showed up.  Everything went smoothly and we’re completely unpacked and all I need to do is figure out where to put our pictures.  Yay!

Friday morning mom and I drove up to Boulder (via some stores of course! I have a new apartment to furnish!)  We got to Pearl St. just in time for lunch and decided to check out Salt.  I’ve heard so much good stuff about it that I was excited to check it out.
I loved the interior it was very simple and beautiful.  We sat at a small table right next to a window.
True to its name, the waitress immediately brought us salt.
Once we heard the specials I knew what we had to order.  First we started with a side of fries since I’ve heard that they are phenomenal.
They were.  What really stole the show was the homemade ketchup. 
It was perfectly sweet with a hint of vinegar. 
For her main course mom ordered a cup of the gazpacho.  salt-018 I wish I could remember what it was made of, but I know that it was topped with grapes.  Mom couldn’t stop talking about it all weekend!
For my main course I ordered the tomato soup and a mini grilled cheese.
Wow, we were left with just the right amount of fullness and were completely satisfied by the complexity of flavors.
Yum!  After lunch we walked around and found some gifts for Keira and saw the street performers.  When we started melting from the heat we packed up and returned home to unpack my purchases and continue settling in.
I wish it wasn’t so hot, but we had such a good time!

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Have you had a small meal that completely satisfied?