Ok, now back to my in-laws visit!  I don’t think that I’ve eaten this well in a long time!  Tuesday night I met up with Dan and his parents for dinner.  They spent the day hiking in Rocky Mountain National Forest and skipped lunch so they were ready for a delicious Italian meal.

We started with drinks at their hotel and then walked down to Panzano.  We got seated right away and were greeted by friendly staff that filled our water and kept filling it all night.  This is always something I notice at a restaurant, I get so annoyed when they don’t check on us and keep the water full!

There was so much to choose from but because the pasta was made daily we all ordered a different pasta dish.  My father-in-law got the house made sausage and three cheese ravioli in a spicy rosemary red sauce.  He seemed really pleased with his choice!
 panzano and buckhorn-20-5
My mother-in-law order herbed pasta with corn, haricot vert, almonds, dried blueberries and a sweet corn emulsion with micro basil.  This sounded so interesting and she really enjoyed it. (excuse the out of focus pic)
 panzano and buckhorn-20-4
Dan decided that he ordered the best meal of all.  He got the lamb with gnocchi and mint pesto.  Yeah, I tasted the pesto it was pretty darn amazing.  And the gnocchi it was lighter than any gnocchi that I have ever tasted.  He ordered really well!
 panzano and buckhorn-20-3
I settled on the carbonara since I’ve been craving a fried egg.  I love the egg on top and the bacon was good but there wasn’t enough seasoning in the dish.  I added some pepper and it helped but maybe it needed more salt, or maybe my taste buds are off after all of these heavy meals?  Overall it was delicious.  I ate the egg and the pasta but couldn’t seem to get all of the pancetta.
 panzano and buckhorn-20-2
Overall it was a great experience and I was still full the next morning.  So much food!