our new digs

Dan and I are moving today!!  Yay!  We got a chance to look at the new apartment last week and loved what we saw.  Our new apartment is just a few floors below our current apartment and faces west.  I thought that while I’m spending the day moving, I’ll preview my apartment for you (well mostly for my family since I’m sure they are curious)

So, you walk in and there is a hall closet twice the size of our current one.

new house-48-2
You first come to our new living room. 
new house-49
This is where I’m confused about how to plan out the apartment.  See, this seems the best place for sitting/tv etc. 
new house-49-3
however, we have a fireplace (a real one! That works! YAY!) And I’d love to be able to sit on the couch and face the fireplace…
new house-48-3
But the area in front of the fireplace seems best for a dining room…(this next picture is the area in front of the fireplace and the entrance to the balcony)
new house-49-4
The balcony is so much wider than our current balcony.
new house-50
And the view is just amazing.
new house-50-2
new house-50-3
new house-50-4
Now, back inside.  The kitchen is the one part that is not better.  It’s the same with a little less cabinet space.
new house-51-3
My favorite part of the apartment is the fact that we have a second (full) bathroom
new house-52-2
and a second bedroom (well treadmill room/ bike room/ photography studio) I hope it all fits!
new house-54-6
The master bedroom has its en-suite bathroom (and his and hers closets! I get my own closet! YAY!)
new house-54-3
and it’s own entrance to the balcony.
new house-54-5
I’m soo soo excited to get settled in!

Did you move recently?  Did you move for more space? Better location? Nicer view?