north end

As you can tell last Sunday was a busy day!  This is Part III.  You can find Part I here and Part II here.  After we went to Richardson's we went downtown Boston to meet our friends Paul and Gail.
2010-06-27 20.58.26
They took us to the North End to one of their favorite places called Limoncello.  The menu was very impressive and I wish I had written down what we got.  I selected a squid ink pasta with main lobster.
2010-06-27 19.29.54
YUM!  Dan got something that I just can’t remember. It was some kind of baked pasta with white truffle oil
2010-06-27 19.29.39
For dessert  we got cannolis at this little place (not Mike’s) but at this point I can’t remember the name!
2010-06-27 20.58.16
I don’t remember the last cannoli I’ve had.  This was so delicious.
2010-06-27 21.04.50
Dan and I had such a busy and delicious day.  Good thing we walked so much :)

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Have you had a epic day recently?  What did you do?