lost and found

I was getting my memory cards ready for the race this morning when I realized that I still had some pictures on one of the cards! 

This card is from our trip to Canada a few weeks ago (it seems like a million years ago!) 

The night after the race we went to downtown Montreal with Dan’s teammates Jordan and Amy and Jocelyn and Kevin.  We wandered around, and I loved how European the city was.
Quebec Dinner-002
I tried to capture the artwork we saw but did not succeed.
Quebec Dinner-001
We went to this little joint with beautiful outdoor seating.  Jordan and Kevin are both from Canada and they ordered Poutine.  I had to try it.
Quebec Dinner-003 
Poutine is fries, gravy, cheese curds…maybe some other thing….I dunno.
Quebec Dinner-004
I had one bite and that was it! No more for me!  I had a burger, which was OK.
Quebec Dinner-006
Overall it was a really fun night! I had never been to Montreal before so that was really nice!