July 4th

So, I’ve finally finished the recap of our trip to the east coast.  Now I’m moving on to Dan’s parents to Denver!  They arrived at lunch on Sunday (July 4th) and we started to show them around. 

As we were walking around our neighborhood the sky opened up and the rain started pouring.  The meteorologists kept saying that it wasn’t going to be a wash out so we thought that it would pass quickly.  It did not.  We ended up driving downtown for dinner at Bistro Vendome.

Dan and I were here once last year with his mom and had a great experience so we were excited to get back there!  Dan and I started with some Escargot.  Unfortunately they tasted just like butter and no other herbs or anything.  Oh well.
2010-07-04 19.46.33
For dinner I ordered veal medallions, with asparagus, white truffle potato gratin, Dungeness crab salad and caper hollandaise.
2010-07-04 20.12.51
I know I know, veal is not the most PC thing to eat.  But, then again, is it much worse than most factory farmed animals? 

Unfortunately the rain kept up and so we headed home and couldn’t see any fireworks from our balcony.  We saw a few while driving but not that many.  Oh well.

We called it a night as early as possible because we had big plans for the next day.  We were driving up Pikes Peak. Wish us luck not driving off the side of the mountain!

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Do you eat Veal?