Fun in the sun

Now that I’m in my 30s I’m realizing how much my life has changed in the past decade.  I don’t even have kids yet!  But, so many of my friends do and therefore our interactions change when we are together.  Between my sister and Jessie and Jen I heard so much about poop, pee, gas and other baby related issues.  Such a different lifestyle!  I am so smitten with all of these little ones!


Jessie was my first close friend to have a baby, and so I feel a special connection with her first born Owen.

owen and adelaide-003

We spent some time at the beach and it was so fun to watch Owen play,  he quickly realized that he could make “train tracks” in the sand with his Thomas the Tank Engine, he spent most of the time driving the train around the sand. 

owen and adelaide-011

The most memorable part of the day was when we sat by the water and made drip castles just like I used to do with my family growing up.  I also taught Owen how to “jump the waves” just like my grandmother did for us.  It was really fun to see how excited he got with all of this!

owen and adelaide-022

Adelaide didn’t know what to do with the beach and she spent most of her time eating the sand :)  My mom always tells me that I would eat sand by the fist full, Adelaide really liked licking the sand off the shovel we brought for Owen to play with.  So fun!

owen and adelaide-017

Our friend Jen and her baby Rickey came over for the fajitas that night and Rickey just fell in love with this one toy of Adelaide’s.  He was so intrigued by this toy and spent most of the night investigating it!jimmy and rickey-058

What a fun visit!  Jess, I’m totally sad I didn’t get a picture of you at all!  I have to say, the 30s are pretty fun so far, definitely a different fun than the 20s but still, so much fun!