busy little bees!

My mom sure knows how to pack a lot into a short time!  Since she got here we:

1. moved
2. unpacked EVERYTHING
3. put everything away
4. picked up all needed furniture
5. updated hand-me down furniture
6. visited the top of Mt. Evans
7. visited Red Rocks
8. visited Boulder
9. Eat at Salt
10. Eat at Lala’s
11. Eat at Le Central
12. Eat at Tony’s Market
13. Eat at Vine Street Pub
2010-07-18 13.29.09
This doesn’t count all of the delicious cooking Dan has done since we’ve been in the new place.  Mom’s plan tomorrow is to finish working on our furniture, choose where all of my photos will be hung, go to Marczyks, and well that’s it!
2010-07-18 13.27.34
Also, this morning I had my first pro photo gig.  It was for The Donor Dash.  A race for transplant recipients and donors and I have to admit I almost teared up a few times.  I am really honored that I was able to work this race and it reminded me that you can make a difference in so many nontraditional ways.  I LOVED photographing the participants, there was so much joy and meaning in everything. 

I’ll share pictures later, I have to get fotojack the pics from this morning ASAP!  Oh, and I thought my arms hurt after moving?  Nothing compared to holding my camera all morning.  I have to get a monopod stat!