Buckhorn Exchange

Dan and I first learned of this restaurant through the TV show Man vs. Food and decided that it was something that his dad would enjoy.  We were excited to finally go and Dan was excited to try Rocky Mountain Oysters (spoiler alert: he chickened out).


The lunch menu was much more affordable than dinner but unfortunately did not have the same fun types of meat.  While we could order the dinner menu, I’ve had way too much food this week to eat that much.


Instead I ordered the buffalo Reuben.  This was really really good.  The bread was not greasy at all, the chips weren’t greasy.  I only ate half of my sandwich and saved the rest (it saved really really well!)

panzano and buckhorn-48

Dan ordered the steak sandwich, it was too full so he ate the bread and the steak separately.

panzano and buckhorn-48-2

Buckhorn was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I wish I took a picture of the restaurant, it was covered from top to bottom and side to side with dead animals!  Apparently most are from the original owner (in the 19th century).  So funny.


What is the quintessential local restaurant in your area?