travelling with a bug

Dan and I have been traveling a bit lately and on Sunday I started to feel a scratch in my throat, my nose started running and my head started feeling fuzzy. 

uhoh.  I miss lowcarbing and not ever getting sick.  Especially since I had to fly to D.C. on Tuesday for 20 hours.  And because of the last minute nature of this trip, neither leg is nonstop.  Boooo. 

So, instead of going to a friend’s BBQ we stayed at home.  And since we’ve been traveling, we didn’t have many groceries.  So instead we stopped by Lala’s

Dan got a pizza with prosciutto and artichoke hearts
Daily eats-3
I got the margherita pizza.
Daily eats-4
We both decided that the margherita pizza was better.

After lunch we spent the afternoon relaxing, I started drinking pineapple juice think that would help (and bc we didn’t have OJ).  But when that didn’t make my throat feel any better.  Then Dan reminded me that we had POM in the fridge.  It did make me feel a little better.

As we speak I’m in DC, I really hope the flights don’t make me sicker!

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What do you do to avoid getting sick?