All that travel really caught up to me!  I’m feeling so off.  But it’s my last week of photography class so after work I decided to get away from all my cares in the world by focusing on making my shrimp look beautiful.
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Dan made garlic roasted shrimp for dinner and I have fun plans tomorrow night so I knew that my chances for taking some good shots for class were limited.
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But shrimp and garlic, how does one make that interesting?  I will not lie, I got the idea from the most recent Bon Appetite.
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The professor said to try to replicate an appealing image from a magazine.  And this is not an exact replica, but I definitely got the idea from there.
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I took some leftover low carb linguini as my skewer (which gets VERY flimsy, but I have to use it up some how!)
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My last critiques have made me aware that I can make a great food picture with a wide open aperture.  I also learned that I need to be aware of my background.  I tried to focus on it this time.
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I had so much fun taking pictures and trying new things that my dinner was stone cold by the time I got to it.  Oops!
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I have my favorite pic, what’s yours?  Also, what new thing have you been learning about lately?