nobody puts baby in the plastic container

There are a lot of changes happening over in our parts.  I’ve started a new job recently (same company different position) and Dan and I are getting ready to move.
Of course the move won’t really be THAT big of a change since we are just going two floors down in the same high rise, but we are moving into a two bedroom that faces west.  I can’t wait.  I have so many plans for the extra bedroom and the extra 600 sq ft of space that comes with it! 
No more treadmill next to the couch!  No more bikes next to the dinning room table!  YAY!
Plus we’ll get to see the Mountains from our balcony and our second bedroom will have that northern light that all the photography books tell me is so good for my pictures. 
I can’t wait.  I will miss our current view a little bit though.  It’s nice to be one of the tallest buildings around and to see so far.  Especially with the weird Denver weather.  These pictures are from a big storm we had a few nights ago where it was sunny and pouring down rain.  IT was crazy because we could see two entire rainbows!  I couldn’t catch either completely with my camera so I tried to get both sides. 

Want to know something else that’s weird? We started packing today and came upon some under the bed containers (not even a foot tall) and I noticed this warning under the lid.
Who would put a BABY inside a plastic container?  What happened that made this become a warning?  On top of that I don’t think a baby would fit in the bin…Of course I would never test that theory out.  So strange!

What funny warnings have you seen lately?