Night with the girls

Seeing Sex and the City with the girls is a tradition.  For the second movie, my friend Annissa planned a fabulous evening starting with the movie and ending with an amazing spread at her house.  She said it would only be a few things and then she mentioned that she was coming up with a drink for each of the girls.
Carrie: Cosmo, Charlote: Red Wine, Miranda: Beer, The Samantha: Gin Martini.  So cute!  She and Mike just bought an amazing house a little bit ago and they are completely moved in and decorated.
Annissa got right down to drink making.
The cosmos were the popular choiceSATC-0004
Hi Andrea!
SATC-0003 Pink drinks were the fave that night.
All togetherSATC-0016
After the drinks were made we went upstairs where Annissa presented us with “a few snacks” she put together.  Starting with chips
And some delicious meats and olive.  I have started to just LOVE olives.  Weird, I know.SATC-0018
She told us what all the meats are, I don’t remember, but there was salami, mortadella, prosciutto and another type that I don’t remember.SATC-0019
yummy meats!
She also presented some delicious cheeses: Brie with mushrooms and goats cheese with herbs de provance.
and Drunken Goat cheese
Annissa is an awesome party planner and she made a SATC quiz for us.SATC-0027
(it looks like I can’t focus that well….)
After the quiz, which I won (well, I was the only one that saw the series except for Annissa….but that’s beside the point!) Annissa brought out dessert.
Honey roasted strawberries ontop of homemade whipped cream.
heaven in a bowl.  So amazingly delicious!  It was such a fabulous evening, thanks Annissa!

What are your girls night traditions?