mmmm Cake!

I’m glad I set up so many posts to go while I was gone!  My long trip has been extremely busy and I haven’t had a spare moment to blog until now.


I was flying to Philadelphia on Father’s Day and my cousin Stacey so kindly offered to let us join her family for the celebration.  We spent most of the afternoon baking desserts for the memorial service and my mom discovered a protégé in my cousin’s daughter Megan (my first cousin once removed? Or my second cousin?  I have no clue…)

Megan's cake-007

It was great to see my mom in her element teaching an eager helper all of her tricks of the trade.  She hasn’t had willing help like that since my little sister was her age.

Megan's cake-006

Not only did Megan help my mom with almost all of the desserts for the service she had made a cake for her dad.

Megan's cake-005

Isn’t that impressive?!  She made the cake and the fondant and then did all the piping on top.  Yeah, she definitely has a strong talent for this work and I’m excited to see what she will be able to make after some more time with my mom or after some formal training!

Megan's cake-004

In other news, I totally have dust on my sensor!  I tried to clean it (with sensor cleaning stuff I bought) but I think I just made the problem worse!  Does anyone know anywhere I can take it in to get it cleaned?