it tastes like summer

It’s hot this week.  Wednesday was in the high 80s and Thursday is supposed to be almost 100!  Dan made two dishes for dinner on Wednesday, one for summer and one for winter.  I posted the winter dish yesterday. The chicken and red wine stew was good, but not seasonally appropriate and that put a damper on the dish.
 bulgur, parsley and tomato-0027
Today I’m posting the summer dish, the Bulgur, Mint and Parsley Salad.  Yesterday aside, we try to eat seasonally and so dishes that call for fresh tomatoes have to wait until we can find them readily.  We don’t always follow this, but we try. 
 bulgur, parsley and tomato-0001
And so dishes like this one only come out during one part of the year.  I feel like saving these dishes make them all that much more delicious when we eat them.
 bulgur, parsley and tomato-0014
This dish just tastes like summer.  It’s light and fresh with just the right spice.  I highly recommend making this for another super hot day.bulgur, parsley and tomato-0035
It really does end the day on a good note!

How do you cool down on a hot summer day?