how may I help you?

I think I have blogged about this before, but bad service infuriates me!  Recently I stopped by some stores to look into some purchases.  My photography business has really taken a step forward and I need to make some investments. 
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So, what happened? I got ignored, I got rushed, I got totally not helpful responses.  I went to two places.  A local camera store and a national chain.

The local store had two staff and about 4 or 5 patrons.  I wandered by myself for awhile and checked out some items, but I need a camera sensor cleaner and I have no idea where to start.  They had one item on the shelves that said “sensor cleaner” So I picked it up and headed to the counter.  When I finally got some service the gentleman made sure I knew how busy he was, and he immediately told me that the product I picked up was worthless (well, why do you have it on your shelves?)  When I asked for additional information he gave me a snotty response about being swamped and then told me to Google the answer!  What the heck!
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He tried to check me out then, but I still wanted to learn more about other products, he brushed me off and so I walked out.

Then I drove to the national chain.  I am so disappointed by their selection!  The gentleman that was helping me knew NOTHING about the products I was looking at getting.  Oy.  I walked out again, although a little less frustrated.
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Shopping online is getting easier and easier but part of me feels bad not supporting local businesses and the jobs they create.  After days like this, I do NOT feel bad shopping online.  Too bad for them because I might have spent a decent amount of money at their establishment and didn’t because I was so insulted.

How about you?  Do you shop local? Or bargain hunt online?