Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day dad!  One of the ways that my parents really show their love to us through food.  When my sisters and I would visit my dad he would make sure to have certain meals for us.  The top three dinner specialties were steak, spaghetti and homemade meat sauce and deep dish pizza.  (none of which I have replicated yet)

Saturday mornings would start with buttermilk pancakes that my sisters and I would always try to compete to see who could eat the most.
Summer lunches at our grandmother’s(dad’s mom) beach house would always be complete with a pimento cheese sandwich.  MMM…(of course, my grandmother would make that and not dad, but eating pimento sandwiches always makes me think of dad!
I’m sorry that I’m not going to see him today, I’m actually spending the day traveling to Philadelphia to see me mom.  My grandmother (moms mom) died last week, and so I am flying east to meet up with my mom and sister for the funeral. 
After my family leaves, I am taking the Bolt Bus to Boston where I am meeting up with Dan (we had this trip planned in advance) We are headed into Canada (via Boston) and spending two days at Coteau du lac, Quebec for one of Dan’s races.  On Sunday we drive back to Boston to see our friends Paul and Gail and then on Monday I get to show Dan my college campus and visit with one of my old college friends.  Then we fly home. Phew! I’m tired just thinking about the travel!
So it’ll be great to see my family and friends, I’m just sad about the reason for the extended part of the trip.

What are the classic dishes dad makes for you?