Don’t adjust your screen

This pasta is supposed to be this color.  As Dan and I are preparing to move (in like 2 weeks!) We’re trying to eat all the food in our cabinets and Dan rediscovered this Carbo-nada (get it?  Carbo-nada=carbanara) noodle stash and is encouraging me to eat it.
He made this for me last weekend with his usual toppings (parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary).  It was meh.
I can’t believe I used to eat all of this low carb stuff, it totally wasn’t the real thing!  Looking back on it though, I bet one of the reason that low carb didn’t stick for me was that I never all that sold on it. 
I always looked for fake foods to replace the real ones that I was missing.  I also did this when I was a vegetarian, I was the first person in line for each new Morningstar farm fake meat meal…
I guess I’m not destined to cut out a food group. 

Have you cut out a food group?  Did you find replacements? Or stay away?