curse of the food bloggers spouse

We’ve been having a gloriously lazy weekend.  Saturday night Dan and I has planned a date night.  We’ve heard Mike Birbiglia on This American Life and were really excited that he was coming to Denver so we snapped up tickets a few weeks ago.(I had some pancakes for breakfast)
Since the show was being held in LoDo (lower downtown) we decided to make a date night of it and go out to dinner.  After little discussion we decided to go back to Osteria Marco since it has been so long since we’ve been there.  Poor Dan, hates when I make him wait to eat so I can take pictures…The curse of being a food bloggers husband.
osteria marco-59-2
Last time I was there my friend Rob and I split the seasonal bruschetta and it was amazing.  Today’s bruschetta was goats cheese, asparagus, peppers and citrus oil.
osteria marco-59
Not as good as last time…Oh well.  We also ordered the carbonara pizza (pancetta, egg and pecorino)
osteria marco-20
This was ok, I ate half of one piece.  I loved the egg but didn’t love the pancetta.  The other pizza was the shrimp fra diavolo (charred tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino, hot pepper and shrimp)
osteria marco-28-2
This was HOT!  So spicy but so delicious.  Dan and I have issues at restaurants where we don’t sit and relax and take our time.  We are super efficient restaurant guests and can make it in and out in less than an hour!  We still had time before the show when we finished so we decided to walk around.  We stopped into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for dessert.  Dan ordered the oreo mint bark.
osteria marco-07
He was not impressed. He didn’t even finish it!
osteria marco-08
I ordered a seasoned caramel (milk chocolate, caramel and sea salt).  I thought it was just ok.
osteria marco-08-2
We were freezing and when we got to Comedy Works we noticed a line down the block.  We were fortunate that the line started moving and we were able to wait inside but we waited in line for about an hour.  No one told us what was going on and why we weren’t moving so it was really frustrating.  The show itself was pretty good, but we noticed that the main arc of the show was pulled directly off of a This American Life segment.  We could have easily saved the money by listening to some podcasts…Oh well, lessons learned I guess! 
What we would have missed was during the opening act some girl was so drunk that she kept trying to shoot spitballs at the performer.  I swear she got kicked out in the first 10 minutes we were sitting there.  That has to be a record of some kind.

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Have you seen anyone get ejected from a show?  It’s always a bit of a surprise to me!