butter cream

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Sunday morning we woke up in Fort Collins still loving the cooler weather, we were surprised to step outside and feel that it was cool out there too! 

After breakfast we decided to head downtown and check it out.  I had read about a cupcakery and so we decided to stop by there.  Who couldn’t love a place called Buttercream.
Dan and I both chose cupcakes that went against our usual selections.  He usually picks chocolate and went for the Vanilla Bean.
I usually go for vanilla but decided to try out their special, the pina colada.
I thought they were ok.  The cake wasn’t delightfully moist, instead it was crumbly.  The vanilla bean’s icing tasted like there was a little too much vanilla extract in it. 
The pina colada icing was ok, it wasn’t to die for. 
Only one of the satellite locations was open so the main store may be better.  Also, I was disappointed that I couldn’t buy just one of the tiny cupcakes.  They came in packs of 4.  Oh well, it was fun to check out a new place. 
We headed back to Denver after the cupcake store and headed to Marczyks. 
I got the BLT again and it was delicious.
We got back to the apartment bracing for the worst and were welcomed by this sign.
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