Best laid plans…

I was doing so well with my treadmill.  I was running more and more and then April happened and I had all of my wisdom teeth removed.  So I stopped.  Yeah, how was that a good idea?
 bulgur, parsley and tomato-0028
I wasn’t up to speed by the time Littlefoot triathlon came along.  After the race I was swamped with photo editing (no time for the treadmill) and then traveling back to DC…twice.
 red pepper pasta-0007
So, that’s definitely two paragraphs worth of bad excuses.  Not surprisingly, the lack of time on my treadmill equaled a bad relationship with my scale.  So, I decided to up my walking to work.  (I’m also listening to the Elegance of the Hedgehog while I walk, that is definitely an incentive to lace up my walking shoes).
 pesto gnocchi-0073
I know, via the bodybugg, that I get so much more bang for my buck when I move first thing in the mornings, so I have been taking advantage of Dan’s new double swim practice schedule (his wake up call is at 5:40 am! Ouch!) and my desire to stay up to date on The Real Housewives series to get reacquainted with my pepper pasta-0016
Yes, I have to be entertained and completely distracted when I work out.  Otherwise I get bored.
 pesto gnocchi-0063
I’m starting small and just walking.  But I am enjoying it and I am noticing a higher calorie burn on the days I’ve walked first thing.  Plus, I’ve seen the scale go back down.  YAY!

How do you get back on the wagon?