A beautiful goodbye

I say this time and time again, but food is very important to my family.  That is why my trip back home revolved around the kitchen so much. 

My family decided that the luncheon would feature all of my grandmother’s favorite foods.  I don’t have pictures of it all, but we made(some together and some separately): Angel food cakes, sugar cookies, m&m cookies, brownies, lemon bars, lemon pie, coconut cream pie, yellow cake, chocolate cake, fudge and ambrosia.  I’m not sure if that’s all, but man, I know where I got my sweet tooth from! (we also had savory food but that was catered).
My grandmother was very active with the Eastern Star organization (the female part of the Masons) and some Eastern Star members came to the funeral and performed a touching ceremony.
Despite the sad occasion, it was nice to be able to see my family. They all live in New Jersey and I’m all the way out in Colorado.  I just realized that I didn’t ask for permission to post their picture here, so I’ll post another one of my sister, her husband, my niece, my mom and me. memorial-048
Did I mention that my niece is the cutest little baby ever?  She is a real spunky girl and for some reason looks surly in all these pictures!  I guess she was just really concentrating hard!  I wish I caught her smile!