20 hours in DC

I had to go back to DC this week for a meeting.  I was set to arrive about 10pm on Tuesday and leave about 5pm on Wednesday.  Yeah, relaxing trip…

Tuesday started out with Dan’s first trip to snooze!  I can’t believe that I have been twice now and he’s never been.  We thought we’d avoid the wait by going Tuesday morning.  Alas, there was still a wait, but 20 minutes was manageable.  We took that 20 minutes to enjoy the complimentary coffee and study the menu.  Dan had done a hard workout that morning so he was eyeing two entrees.
An omelet with garlic, basil and tomatoes
and strawberry rhubarb pancakes.
I knew my eating would be off that day so I decided to treat myself with the Rice Crispy French toast.  Yes, it was completely insanely decadent.  And delicious.
Thank goodness I had such a big breakfast because that would turn out to be my only meal of the day.  After breakfast I was headed to the airport to begin the first of two long days of travel.  Not only did I have to fly back across the country, I had layovers on both trips.  BOOO

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Neither trip was all that bad, but I didn’t have enough time on my layover to get a real lunch/dinner.  I grabbed a bag of popcorn and walked onto the flight where, much to my surprise I bumped into an old friend of mine!  We were able to sit next to each other and spend the time catching up.  It was such a fun surprise and it definitely made the flight go faster!

The trip to the hotel was uneventful and I wish I could say the same for settling into the hotel.  I registered at The State Plaza hotel since it was close to my meeting and I’d only be there for about 8 hours.  Well, I should have checked some reviews.  It was totally bootleg!  I had serious issues getting to my room (had to exit the building and walk through a parking garage and then find the magic door that would lead me to my elevator.  It was a production and it was like 90 degrees with 90% humidity.  I was NOT a happy camper. 

I also noticed that the hallway didn’t seem all that cool and I got nervous.  When I got to the room I could hear water flowing and I was really nervous, I didn’t think I could get back to the front desk if I tried!  I walked into the room and assessed the situation, the toilet was off track.  Easy fix.  yay!  The a/c was another issue, it was at max and wouldn’t go any further. 

I then had a chance to look around the room and I swear, it looked like a low-rent studio apartment.
 2010-06-01 22.58.02-2
It even had a bootleg kitchen. 
2010-06-01 22.57.54-2
Of course it also had a huge bleach spot on the floor.  Gross! I tried not to think about WHY they had to bleach the carpet (and why they didn’t just remove the carpet!)
 2010-06-01 22.57.19-2
But I was tired and hungry and all I cared about was getting some room service and going to bed.  Room Service ended at 9pm and the only close by restaurant was closed.  So…I had popcorn for dinner.
 2010-06-01 22.57.25-2
FAIL!  And then Wednesday morning I woke up to go to the meeting and couldn’t find a coffee/breakfast place close to the hotel and so I went without a meal until noon!  At least the meeting place had coffee but I was so hot and the room with the coffee didn’t have a/c…  Other than that the trip was a success, I planned ahead for the trip back and bought dinner at the DC airport, see I’m learning!
 2010-06-01 22.57.41-2
Have you ever bumped into someone randomly while traveling?