A year ago

One year ago I made an ill-fated decision to take a short cut down a small embankment to one of Dan’s races.

I slipped and fell and sprained my ankle badly.  At first my biggest fear was permanent cankles.  A week later Dan and I took a weekend trip to Philadelphia and  I came back with a pain in my calf that I thought was just a knot.  I stupidly waited for ten days to get it checked out and it turns out that I had developed Deep Vein Thrombosis.
lesson three-8
Luckily my clot was stuck in my calf and wasn’t looking like it would move to my lungs and kill me.  However, that is not always the case so I tell anyone and everyone. DVT is real and it can be prevented.  My DVT was caused by a combination of the ankle sprain, my birth control and being stuck on the runway for a 5 hour plus flight.  The major problem was that I didn’t walk around much and when I did I didn’t put much pressure on my sprained ankle and so the muscles didn’t do their job and push the blood through.

What can you do to prevent DVT?  First and foremost, wear compression stockings and walk around the plane-a lot.  Drink a lot of water and don’t fall asleep-keep your legs moving.
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The treatment for DVT is blood thinners (Coumadin and Lovanox) and let me tell you, they are no joke.

Back to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!