A walk in the park

I am feeling so much better!  I tried to go into full solids and started the day with a piece of toast and two eggs.
I realized that while I’m in less pain, I still have big holes in the back of my mouth and solids are a definite challenge.
I finally got Dan to agree to go on a walk with me and we headed to the Highline Canal trail.  He goes there almost every weekend to do runs with his teammates and I wanted to see what it looked like.
It was a gorgeous walk.  The flowers were all blooming and smelled amazing.
The trail was pretty busy at the start of our walk, and we even came across three horses.  (no pictures though)
It was nice to get out and walk around a bit.
The trail was deserted by the time we got back to the car and then I figured out why.
Turns out we have a cayote issue…yikes!
After our walk we went to some grocery stores to pick up more yogurt (see above: challenge with solid foods) and look for a waterpik.  I kept hearing how it was the best way to make sure everything heals quickly.  I was surprised to see how expensive and bulky they all are!  That’s when Dan had the very unique idea to see if a nasal aspirator would work.  Sounds weird, but it works!  And it was $2. 
solid foods here I come!

How have you repurposed a household Item for a new use?