sometimes springtime

It is (occasionally) spring time in Colorado.  I say occasionally because I just heard a news report saying that snow is coming!  Yikes!  We have learned to enjoy each nice day to the fullest.

At lunch the other day, my friend and I saw this guy on a UNICYCLE Penny Farthing!  I’ve never seen someone on a unicycle before.
2010-05-06 11.54.34

2010-05-06 11.54.38
How cool!  After our not so good ice cream experience last weekend Dan and I were ready to check out Sweet Action Ice Cream this weekend.  This place came very highly recommended by a lot of people and so I was excited to check it out.

Verdict?  Awesome!  Dan got the mint Oreo cookie and loved it.  It wasn’t too sweet and was a true mint flavor as opposed to the artificially oversweet flavors that mint ice cream is usually tasting like. (weird sentence construction)
2010-05-09 17.09.06
I chose the salted butterscotch ice cream and boy was it delicious!  The salt wasn’t overpowering but was very complementary to the sweetness of the butterscotch.
2010-05-09 17.09.25
We highly recommend checking this place out if you are in Denver!  Looking at this pictures warm me right up.  Fingers crossed for there to be no snow this week!

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