rain and shine

I do not know what was wrong with me on Sunday, I was pooped!  Maybe I did too much on Saturday?  I dunno.  I got a lot done, but in a low key way.

It wasn’t until the afternoon that I finally made it out for my errands and a walk.  The plan was to drop Dan off at the pool and walk in the adjoining park.  Well, the sky looked a bit threatening and a few miles out from the pool the heavens opened up and we were treated to some hail/snow? and heavy rain.
2010-05-02 15.50.55
Fail!  So, instead of walking I dropped Dan off and turned around to get a few errands done.  By the time I got those done and got back to the pool, the sky was blue and the weather was perfect.
2010-05-02 17.08.27
I didn’t get very far before Dan was done swimming.
2010-05-02 17.13.40
We contemplated walking more but decided that the walk would be more pleasant with some ice cream in hand.  So, we drove back to Capitol Hill and ventured to Liks.  We had heard good things and were impressed by the selection.  Dan got some kind of chocolate ice cream with brownie and graham cracker pieces, I think…
2010-05-02 17.50.37
Mid-lik.  Unfortunately he thought this just tasted like cold and creamy and not the strong chocolate flavor he had hoped.  I selected yellow cake with m&ms.
2010-05-02 17.50.55
Unfortunately x2, this tasted more lemon than cake batter.  And the m&ms…just tasted cold and hard.
2010-05-02 17.51.07
The ice cream did “ice” my mouth and took away some of the pain I had started to feel (and the same pain that instigated the ice cream trip).  We had a really nice walk through the streets of our neighborhood.

It was kinda late by the time we got home and Dan was tasked with making the Mahi Mahi that was scenting the fridge.

Unfortunately the Mahi Mahi wasn’t awesome.  I actually didn’t finish it.  However, the beans were fantastic, I love citrus!  I’ll post the recipe later because I’m tired!
daily eats-5
We also had some of our green salad and lime dressing.  I LOVE this dressing.  I am having a bit of a hankering for anything lime flavored and this hits the spot on the savory side of the meal.
daily eats-2
Lime Salad Dressing

  • limes
  • olive oil

extract lime juice from the limes and mix with olive oil to taste.

What is your favorite salad dressing flavor?  Have you invented your own?  If so, post a link to your recipe!