Peruvian Cuisine

When Dan first moved into his apartment in Rockville I was looking for things to do in the area and saw that an exciting Rockville Town Center was being erected, it promised cool restaurants, boutique shopping and a fun central area for concerts.


A few of these promises were realized before our move to Denver, but not all of them.  There were only a few restaurants of mediocre value and the shopping wasn’t the type that I enjoyed.  However, since we’ve left more restaurants have popped up and Dan’s parents have been trying them out and deciding which were the best.  That’s why Melissa and I went to Spice Crossing (which i think is spelled Spice Xing actually) and then for dinner, Dan’s parents took us and Dan’s brother to another Rockville Town Center restaurant, La Canela. 


La Canela boasts it’s authentic Peruvian cuisine and the inside felt pretty Peruvian.  I am an expert since I’ve spent four days in Lima :)  Dan has actually been to Lima three times now and really enjoys the cuisine. 



When we were in Peru the first time we were told that we had to try the Pisco Sours, a drink consisting of Lemon juice, pisco, egg whites and bitters.  Pisco is a type of liquor distilled from grapes and common in South canela-4


The drink is generally at least 50% egg white foam. I love lemon and lime cocktails because there is something refreshing about them.  This drink lived up to my peruvian memories.  My brother-in-law was fancy with his drink ordering and was not pleased with the results, apparently the restaurant has changed the recipe for both of the drinks he canela-5

For an appetizer Dan and I split the fried plantains, which were really tasty. But nothing compared to my entree, so I’m glad I didn’t have too many of these.

 la canela-2

The menu item that caught my interest was the fettucini with pesto on top of a breaded steak.

la canela-7


This was a fantastic dish, the pesto was almost as good as Dan’s and I loved the combination with the steak. I did enjoy the pesto fettuccini so much more than the steak and so I pretty much demolished the pile. I had expected Dan to eat half of this, but he filled up on his own dish and so the leftovers have come back to the house for lunch.  Unfortunately, Dan did not love his dish and thought that it was rather flavorless.

la canela-8

This experience reminded me that I want to check out Limon, in Denver, which I have heard also has delicious peruvian fare.


What ethnic foods do you enjoy the most?