perfectly ripe

While my life is so much more than just weight loss.  I am trying desperately to get my dieting mojo back.  The month of April was pretty challenging.  It started with Dan going to Peru, then me going to Pittsburgh (gosh, it sounds like I got the short end of that stick!) Then I got my wisdom teeth removed and then it was my 30th birthday. 
Wow that was busy!  No wonder my mojo is gone, I haven’t been able to get into any kind of rhythm!  Additionally, my poor treadmill is not getting the same use it was before.  Of course, some of the abandonment came as a result of the beautiful days we were having (snow days aside).
I’m just full of excuses today!  That being said, today is being spent running errands, enjoying the non-raining part of the day and preparing for the race tomorrow.
I wish I took a picture of breakfast, but it wasn’t pretty. But boy was it tasty!  It was one ounce of cheese, 1 faux fried egg and 1 everything bagel thin.  divine!  I finished breakfast with four perfectly ripe strawberries. (and another photography assignment)  Which photo do you like the best? Can you tell that they were all taken with different lenses?