the parties continue

My fridge is now 50% cake.  I think I’m in heaven! 
birthday pt3-21
I’m also thankful that I’m married to someone that has to eat more than 6,000 calories a day!  How’d I get so much cake?  Dan had been organizing a surprise birthday dinner for me!  Isn’t that really sweet!

My friend Annissa and her husband Mike had fun at the party store and supplied the party with tons of awesome decorations and most importantly, a new birthday crown!!!
 birthday pt3-19
Annissa read on my blog about the missing birthday crown from my college friends and took it upon herself to rectify that situation.  Thanks guys!  birthday pt3-12 Annissa and Andrea were in charge of the cake and they found a cake at Le Bakery Sensual. 
 birthday pt3-20

It, um, specializes in bachelorette party cakes, if you know what I mean!  They opted for a much tamer cake with awesome candles(Oh No The Big 30!), thanks guys!birthday pt3-14
It was so wonderful to get to celebrate my birthday with such awesome people!
birthday pt3-16
(Annissa, Mike, Andrea and Christina)
even better, I have been wanting to start a cooking club with this exact cast of characters
birthday pt3-15
(Christina and Jeremiah)

and now they all know each other! (except Jordan, who is resting up for a race this weekend)birthday pt3-17
(Amy, me and Dan)
It was such a fantastic surprise and wonderful evening.  I can’t believe how wrong I was about how this birthday would go.  A week ago I was feeling VERY sorry for myself, but I was so wrong.  This was a fantastic birthday!  I’m even eating solid foods again! (However, I’m such a slow eater that Dan is getting even MORE of my food!)

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!  And thanks guys for coming last night!  It was so much fun!

Have you ever had a surprise party?  Was it a surprise?