The last few days I’ve talked about how much I have to do and how it has kept me from focusing enough on my weight loss.  Well, talking about it has started to prompt me to change.

2010-05-15 17.18.51

I love multi-tasking.  Why just do one thing at a time when you can totally do at least two.  That is one problem with working out.  You generally have to do only one thing at a time and focus on working out.

2010-05-15 17.20.28

That is where I came up with the idea to rent my book club book on CD and listen to it while I take super long walks.

2010-05-15 17.21.12

My library allows for digital downloads, but they can take awhile for popular titles so Dan and I ventured to one of the branch libraries to pick up the CDs.

 2010-05-15 17.19.01

Can I just admit that I’m terrible in libraries?  I can not find my way around, so I only found the CD with the assistance from a librarian.  Shame! I know.  I totally grew up with libraries but have always had issues finding my way around.  Does anyone else have this problem?  It doesn’t extend to bookstores which is weird!

2010-05-15 17.28.50

After our trip tot he library we came home and I got to uploading the disks to our ipod and I headed out on my walk.  I hadn’t been very active all morning since I was working on photo editing so I had to go the distance to meet my goals.

2010-05-15 17.32.49

I left my house with Wash Park in mind as my destination (about a 2 mile walk each way).  However, half way through I came across the Cherry Creek Bike Path and decided that it would be awesome to walk along the river.  All of my pictures are from this walk. 

2010-05-15 17.33.07

Back in college my friend Jessie and I took a road trip for spring break one year and every time we passed any body of water we’d scream “body of water!”  We both find bodies of water to be really beautiful and Cherry Creek is no different.  There are little waterfalls that add an amazing background soundtrack.

2010-05-15 17.23.24

All in all, I walked for about an hour and a half and burned about 800 calories.  Go me!  I also listened to two discs of my book.  Look at how productive I’ve been.  It’s my plan to listen to the book while I’m editing photos and taking extra long walks home this week.  I need to finish this book by May 20th, why did I pick a 500+ page book?!

2010-05-15 17.22.32

Are you a multitasker?  Or are you more like Dan and have to focus on one thing at a time, he doesn’t even listen to music during training runs!  I’d get so bored!