I have been having so much fun working on my photography lately that I’ve decided to sign up for another photography class!  This one is offered through the Perfect Picture School of Photography. And is intro to Food Photography.
This week’s lesson was all about lighting.   I have to admit that since I set up my light box I have not thought much about lighting and now I’m wondering if I’ve been doing it wrong. 
There were a few times that I thought that the lighting was too harsh or in the wrong place, I’ve just never known what to do.  I’m really excited to continue practicing in different lights/set up.
This morning I attempted shots of an egg and a pineapple.  The egg had its own challenges because it was in a bowl, and the pineapple was so tall that I had to try some new angles.
These are all examples of really harsh light. (I live on the east side of my building and these were all shot at about 8am.
Now we’re off to check out the race site for the triathlon I’m photographing next weekend!  I’m so nervous, but so excited :)

How do you light your food pictures?