Happy Mother’s Day!

I love living in the West, but on holidays and special occasions I miss being near my family.  Mother’s Day is definitely one of those days.  If you think about it, it’s unfortunate that the years you live with your parents you don’t really know how to celebrate them, and by the time you know how, you’re two time zones away.  Sorry I’m not there mom!

We are a big foodie family.  My mom has always celebrated our homecomings/holidays with big family meals.  And here are some that have been highlighted since starting the blog.

Fist off, Jersey subs.  My parents are both from Jersey, and no summer was complete without these delicious sandwiches, no matter where we were!
jersey subs-12
When Dan and I went home for Christmas, my mom made sure to make us some delicious meals.  First, she made veal chops with mushroom sauce
She also takes a lot of time on sweets since we love our desserts, and Dan was excited when the first dessert she made was chocolate cheesecake.  All of his favorite things!
She even made my favorite cake for our anniversary.  Yellow cake with white icing.
look at how much nicer that looks than the one Dan and I made!  This is an entire piece, just in pieces.
birthday dinner-19
Although, after an evening in the fridge, our cake turned into this
birthday pt3-2
much better!

Even better than the food, my mom is a very talented women, she is a family and consumer science teacher.  Not only did she make the snowflakes that topped our cake.
She made the napkin that I use as my profile picture. It’s her tradition to make napkins for our weddings.  They are very popular with our family and friends.  Unfortunately, this means that we don’t have a complete set, one even caught on fire!  I’m not quite sure how, but we did have an endless supply of beer and wine so I’m sure that played a role.IMG_1411_edited-2profile
And this year for my birthday, she surprised me with a complete set of napkins!birthday pt3-8
Happy mother’s day mom!  I love you!